• All the flamenco styles programmed in more than 200 rhythm patterns
  • 92 real sounds of extraordinary quality: clapping, cajón, udu drum, hand drum, drum kit, djembe, shaker…
  • All the tracks you need to create and compose your own patterns
  • Play or silence only the track you want
  • Stereo sound, mute, solo, panoramic, volume, BPM… Mix the instruments as you like.
  • Use the Natural Recording feature and write patterns with the keyboard as if you were playing a percussion instrument
  • Rhythm patterns up to 12 beats
  • Choose the tempo (BPM) you want between 1 and 600
  • An indicator keeps you informed of what beat you’re on, marking the accentuated beats in red
  • You can choose how to play the patterns: solos, accompanied by the metronome in quarter notes, 8th notes, triplets, 16th notes, quintuplets… Or choose only the metronome sound.
  • Organize your patterns in folders

The official patterns were programmed by Jesús Mañeru
The sound samples were recorded in Estudios Brazil by:
Percussionist: Jesús Mañeru / Sound engineer: Javier Ortiz